Note about Wily Siteminder Manager required libraries for RHEL 6.x installation with Policy Server r12.52

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The APM Siteminder integration using Wily Siteminder Manager uses a special event handler to report data from the Policy Server to Introscope.

Data from the event handler is sent to a shared memory segment, from which our Introscope processes (Introscope NativeDataReporter) read the data and then report this to the Enterprise Manager.

After installation, if you do not see any data being sent to Introscope, it can be an issue with loading the event handler.

If you run the -list command and 

The policy server logs may indicate a failure to load the event handler as shown below:

[SmEventWedge.cpp:286][LateInit][ERROR][sm-xpsxps-06810] Failed to  initialize event handler library "/opt/siteminder/lib/"

In this scenario, the IntroscopeNativeDataReporter was not able to run, causing the above error.

The Wily Siteminder Manager version in this case was SMM


The library that was key to the problem was this one:

 it is listed as a dependency of the Introscope file,


 In our own testing internally, for example we found it resolved in this way: => /usr/lib/ (0x00e98000)


 We can see that this dependency is satisfied by an i686 rpm file, or the source of that module is an i686 rpm:

 [root@APMtest lib]# rpm -qf



However, we noted in one particular case that an i386 rpm is required for our IntroscopeNativeDataReporter process to run correctly, the integration would fail without it.

Reviewing the pre-requisite libraries documented on Siteminder side, in Siteminder r12 SP3 documentation, the i386 rpm was listed:

"Required Linux Libraries

If you are installing or upgrading a Linux version of this component, the following is required on the host system:


Install this rpm to be sure that you have the appropriate 32-bit C run–time library for your operating system"

However, in Siteminder 12.5 documentation, for Red Hat 6, only i686 rpm files are listed.


 We are able to run the NativeDataReporter processes with that configuration on RHEL 6 update 5 64-bit with only i686 rpms present, so we are putting this note out that the i386 file (compat–libstdc++––patch_version.i386.rpm) could possibly be required.


 From the APM side, we see it as being sourced from a different rpm,  as long as that library is there, that is the important matter.