Not seeing attributes in Team Center Experience View after an APM upgrade or creating the attributes.

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Last Modified Date : 13/09/2018
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 APM 10.5 introduced a concept called Propagator.  Experience View lets you organize experiences to tiles based on attribute values. To provide a wider choice of attributes for experiences, use Propagator. Propagator is a component that copies attributes from the next component that is directly connected to the experience. If multiple components are connected to a single experience and the same attribute is defined several times, the attribute is propagated only if all occurrences of that attribute have the same value.


 Why am I missing either custom attributes or attributes created by attribute rules in my Team Center Experience View?

APM 10.5 and later.

 Default settings for the Propagator do not propagate the attributes  Name, HostName, Agent,  AgentDomain, and any custom or decorated attributes except for an attribute ending with Owner. To allow this, edit the blacklist / whitelist for the Propagator.

The default configurations are defined as.




The configuration supports regular expression on attribute name. You can define the source of an attribute:

  • Basic - An attribute that is defined by an agent that gathered the component.
  • Custom - An attribute that is created by user manually in the UI or with REST API.
  • Decorated - An attribute that is created as a result of attribute rules.


 So to allow an attribute that is created as a result of attribute rules, remove DECORATED\..* from introscope.apmserver.atc.propagator.blacklist

 Note: these properties do not exist by default in the and they will need to be added.


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