Not Seeing Any New APM CE (CEM) Defects or Reports.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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   I am not seeing any new defects or reports for a specified time period. What should I do?

All APM Releases running APM CE (CEM)

 First, Use Analysis Graphs for some initial triaging. Try to determine the following:

  • The date of the last defect or report and the scope of the issue for reports
    • Is it for certain date ranges?
    • Is it for a particular time frequency, such as hourly?
  • Look for patterns such as hourly data showing up but not daily data - today is showing up but not yesterday.

 Second, research the likely cause of the issue:

  • Are files being generated at all?
    • Check the Save to CSV option under Business Services to see when a transaction last received defects.
    • Check the timfiles logs on the TIM and TIM Collector EM Logs to see if defects and stat files are being generated at all.
  • Defects and Stat Files are being generated but are not showing up in APM CEM UI:
    • See if defect and stat files are backing up under the TIM directory /etc/wily/cem/tim/data/out (APM 9.6) or /opt/CA/APM/tim/data/out (APM 9.7 and later.)
    • Look in the defects and stats directory to see how many files are there. (Defects should be processed real-time and have only a few files for a couple of seconds. Only one or two stats files should typically be present for the previous hour.
    • If files are backed up restart the Stats Aggregation EM. (Check the Services Tab on the APM CE MOM GUI to find out the right server.)
  • Check the Last Aggregation Row value in the appropriate stats base table in the APM DB such as those in the daily table:
    • select max(ts_last_aggregated_row) from ts_st_ts_us_dly;
    Look for errors after midnight when the stats aggregation has taken place: 
    • org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: relation "ts_st_ts_us_int_xxxxxxxx"
    • Other Stats Aggregation Errors
  • Note the version that is installed.
    • Check the release notes of versions later than what you have.

Once having this information and having done the above triaging, contact Support for next steps.