Not getting any threshold events

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Last Modified Date : 01/08/2018
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Not receiving any threshold events.


When any given metric family takes over 50% of a poll cycle to complete, the threshold monitoring engine transitions to a degraded state.  At this point, an event is generated on the Data Aggregator indicating that if the evaluations continue to take over 50% of a poll cycle, threshold evaluation will be disabled if this persists for 15 minutes. 

Threshold evaluations are not resumed automatically after they are suspended even if the product is restarted.

Important! If threshold evaluations are suspended frequently, contact CA Support.

Follow these steps to check and see if threshold events were shut off.

Enter the following information into a web browser:
URL: http://DA_host:port/rest/thresholdmonitoring/config

If ThresholdMonitoringLimiterEnabled is false as in the example below then threshold monitoring was automatically shut off and you will need to reset it to resume processing threshold events.


To reset threshold monitoring perform the following steps.
Take note of the ID value of the ThresholdMonitoringConfiguration item from the output above.
<ThresholdMonitoringConfiguration version="1.0.0">

Open a REST client editor or HTTP tool that sends requests and gets responses.
Set the Content-type to application/xml.
Enter the following filter criteria:
URL: http://DA_host:port/rest/thresholdmonitoring/config/ID
ID is the identification number that is assigned to the ThresholdMonitoringConfiguration item mentioned above in this case 16.
HTTP method = PUT
To Resume threshold evaluations on the Body tab of the HTTP Request pane put the following.
<ThresholdMonitoringConfiguration version="1.0.0">

Then execute the put and events should resume. 

The following is an example of enabling monitoring using rest from tehData Aggregator command-line using the same id as noted in the examples above:

curl -X PUT -H "Content-Type: application/xml" -d '<ThresholdMonitoringConfiguration version="1.0.0"><ThresholdMonitoringEnabled>true</ThresholdMonitoringEnabled></ThresholdMonitoringConfiguration>'

Additional Information:
For further information on threshold events and threshold event monitoring monitoring event processing see the following wiki article.