Not getting any alarms in NOTIFIER.OUT file using Spectrum Alarm Notification Manager (Legacy KB ID CNC TS33315)

Document ID : KB000051943
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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If you checked idb file, verified AN was running, and the Notifier>Setscript checks out (for example, run on another system and works or doign a diff you see no changes), and the policies seem to associated properly, check the SANM Policy for all items being moved to the incorrect filter side.  The filtering view can be a be a bit confusing, making it appear that you are setting this to get all alarms, whereas actually you are filtering all out items which match that criteria.  For example, if all device types are in the Exclude side then no alarms will pass. Adding -tl detail after the AlarmNotifier executable when it is run can help see when this is occuring. For example: AlarmNotifier -tl details.

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Not getting any alarms in NOTIFIER.OUT file using Spectrum Alarm Notification Manager

Problem Environment:


Spectrum 9.1 Apps

Causes of this problem:
Filtering was enabled.

(Legacy KB ID CNC TS33315 )