"not authorized to make connection" error on Master's local Agent

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Last Modified Date : 15/10/2018
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When starting the RmiServer and AgentService process, it starts up successfully but the java awapi does not start.

Reviewing the RmiServer and AgenService logs show that the local agent in unable to connect to the master due to an Agent Validation error with the details showing a "not authorized to make connection" error. Below is an example of the error.
10:04:10.498 AgentService: AwE-5126
10:04:10.499 AgentService: .AxOptions: NoErrorMsgProperties=false
ErrorMsg: AwE-5126 Agent validation error (10/13/18 10:04 AM)
Details: <AGENT> <host>/  60010
Agent validation error : <AGENT> <host>/ 60010 : java.net.ConnectException: not authorized to make connection
    at com.appworx.server.data.MasterSocketManager.B(MasterSocketManager.java:480)
    at com.appworx.server.data.AxRmiServer$3$1.run(AxRmiServer.java:729)
Caused by: java.net.ConnectException: not authorized to make connection
    ... 2 more

This is generally an error seen between master and a remote agent. Seeing this error will generally mean that the issue is a DNS/Network issue OR that a database value may have been changed using a method outside the Java Web Client (ie sqlplus).
Review for any database changes made outside of Applications Manager's Java Web Client such as an external API or sqlplus. The specific error seen above was due to a change to the  SO_QUEUES table.

The MONITOR's SO_QUEUE_SCHED value was change to an invalid number.

Running awinstall option 1 AFTER reverting the database change resolved the issue and Java awapi started successfully.