Not all Webservicemon profiles at Metrics shown at USM

Document ID : KB000124072
Last Modified Date : 08/05/2019
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When multiple profiles are defined in webservicemon,  only one or two of them are displayed at Metrics tab on Device page on USM. 
UIM 8.51 SP1 
webservicemon 1.31
Follow these steps: 

- Open a support ticket to request or updated version 
- Deactivate the webservicemon probe. 
- Deactivate the data_engine probe. 
- Execute the following query in the database: 
     update s_qos_data 
     set ci_metric_id = null 
     where probe = 'webservicemon' 

     Note: The query nulls out the ci_metric_id column in the s_qos_data table for the target probe entries. 
- Import into archive webservicemon_1.33 provided or above 
- Deploy webservicemon_1.33 or above to machine that corresponds 
- Activate the data_engine probe. 
- Activate the webservicemon probe. 

As the probe publishes QOS messages, data_engine updates the null records with the correct keys.