Not able to pull the report more than 250 count in CAPM

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Last Modified Date : 24/09/2018
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I need to see more than 250 results in my on-demand reports.

but when I try to increase the limit, I get an error:
The number entered exceeds the allowable value for this setting (250)

CAPM 3.x

This value is controlled by the setting:


This setting is not available in the PC options section by default and will need to be manually added to the table ‘general’ in mysql.

  1. On the PC host, login to mysql

mysql netqosportal -unetqos -pnetqos


add the new value to the table:

insert into general values ('OnDemand.MaxTotalTableSelected.Limit', '250');


mysql> insert into general values ('OnDemand.MaxTotalTableSelected.Limit', '250');

Query OK, 1 row affected (0.00 sec)

  1. Now login to these 2 pages in PC:




and see the new value:

(it takes about 3 minutes or so to update and add the new value)

  1. Edit it to your needs but as the values increase so does the load on your system resources.

Timeout for this query is 1m50sec

CA does not test above 1000,

Note : It will consume more memory in DA/DM/PC to store the RIB call results for more than 1000 rows, and this will affect performance at all other levels.