Non-Statistically Oriented Techniques with VISION:Excel

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The Non-Statistically oriented techniques are fairly easy to understand. For Non-Statistically Oriented Sampling Techniques, VISION:Excel will simply automate the selection of the sample.

You would use Simple Interval Sampling whenever you want to include in your sample every nth item taken from the population. For instance, when reading a file you might want to include in your sample every 10th record read.

If you want to make certain every item in the population has an equal probability of being included in the sample, you would use Simple Random Sampling. In theory, a randomly selected sample will be more closely representative of the population.  VISION:Excel uses a Random Number generator to ensure the randomness of the sample. So if you are reading a file, each record would have an equal opportunity to be included in the Sample file.

In Stratified Simple Percentage Sampling and Stratified Simple Random Sampling, the population is first sub-divided into smaller sub-populations. In VISION:Excel, each sub-population is defined by a lower and upper valued limit. For Stratified Simple Percentage, Simple Interval Sampling is performed against each sub-population. For Stratified Simple Random Sampling, Simple Random Sampling is performed against each sub-population.