Non Plan of Record information is not included in Advanced Reporting nor the Data Warehouse

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Last Modified Date : 26/06/2018
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When viewing or creating a report in Advanced Reporting, we find that the Data Warehouse (DWH) does not contain information on cost plans and budget plans that are not designated as being part of the financial Plan of Record (POR). 

As part of this issue, we see that the Data Warehouse table DWH_FIN_PLAN only has Financial Plan information for plans that are the Plan of Record. Currently no records for Non Plan of Record Plans (IS_PLAN_OF_RECORD = 0) are seen in this table.



In CA PPM 14.4 not all cost plans and budget plans are loaded into the Data Warehouse when the Load Data Warehouse - Full job is run. Instead, the following financial plans are added to the Data Warehouse, for all applicable investments:

  • The Plan of Record
  • The current budget plan
  • All benefit plans


Starting in CA PPM 15.1, there is the ability to include either just the Plan of Record, or all financial plans, in the DWH using the setting 'Include only financial Plan of Record' in Administration->System Options->Data Warehouse Options.

To include all plan of records:

  1. In PPM, go to Administration, System Options->Data Warehouse Options
  2. Uncheck 'Include only financial Plan of Record'
  3. Click Save


By default, this setting is enabled such that only Plan of Record financial data is inserted into the Data Warehouse. Turning off this setting will allow for Non-Plan of Record financial information to be populated into the Data Warehouse on the next run of the  Load Data Warehouse - Full job. The information will then be available in the Data Warehouse, and subsequently for use with Advanced Reporting.

The current plans regarding investments can then be compared with previously used plans and reported on. 

Note: Turning off this setting may impact performance of the Data Warehouse, and a significant load run time may be seen for larger data sets.

Additional Information:

Information on the change for 14.4 is here for CA PPM 14.4 under the section titled Changes to the Load Data Warehouse Job.

The availability of the option to include all Financial Plans (or only the Financial Plan of Record information), is included here for CA PPM 15.1.