Non-expiring tapes

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Some VM:Archiver tapes have expdt 9999/999 in VM:Tape TMC.   Is it OK to scratch them?




The expiration date for some VM:Archiver tapes is set to 9999/999. 


These tapes are owned by VM:Archiver (VMARCH), but are likely old tapes with expired files and no longer being used. 
Here is how to determine if there are any unexpired archived files on those tapes: 
VMARCH QUERY TAPES displays information about tapes that store the archived data.  
VMARCH QUERY TAPESET displays information about tape sets. 

Both queries should list the same volsers, just in different format displays. 

If a tape is not shown in either query, that confirms VM:Archiver is no longer using it, though the tape still belongs to VMARCH in VM:Tape.  
Issue the command VMARCH SUBMIT REINIT to remove the tape(s) from the VM:Archiver database.  

Additional Information:

Then remove the tape from the TMC if you are retiring it.