"Waiting for lock" messages from TAG SHOW (NOMSG

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Last Modified Date : 24/09/2018
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Should the TAG SHOW command with the NOMSG option show lock messages such as: 
"Waiting for VMRMAINT VMSYS1 (EDIT) to release a private lock on resource: DISK-U-VMXSYSAD-MAINT" 

If that is working as designed, I will code around it.

If those messages should not be displayed, please open a problem report to correct the behavior of the TAG command.
This is working-as-designed and due to VM:Secure using the common nucleus. The flag for NOMSG is a VM:Secure process flag. The LOCK process is handled by the common nucleus logic. Any message from the VM:Secure application logic will honor the NOMSG option. Messages from the nucleus do not.