NodeJS Agent compatibility requirements

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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We are trying to instrument node js application with latest ca-apm-probe 1.10.31. Can you confirm if it will work with NodeJS collector agent 10.5 and Introscope 10.1 for example? Which node js agent should I use and how to download it?


1. NodeJS ProbeAgent 1.10.x is supported with any 10.x


2. ProbeAgent major and patch version of probe hints what Collector Agent support.

For example, ca-apm-probe version 1.10.31 supports NodeJS Collector Agent 10.3 and onwards.


3. Introscope EM compatibility is dependent on version of Collector agent, it cannot be higher than the Introscope EM.


4. ‘npm install ca-apm-probe’ pulls latest probe published in npm. In case you need to install a specific ProbeAgent version, run npm install ca-apm-probe@version’