no possibility to restore the files archived on MIGRAT since ISPF (3.4)

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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customer installed GDG PHASE II PTF RO69420 + RO70544 on a test system. 

Set RECATMIG to Y. Since this enhancement, DMSAR is no longer triggered when trying to browse an archived dataset on MIGRAT under ISPF,


and "Tape not supported" message is displayed.                  

Z/OS 2.1 DISK/OS 12.5 maintenance applied.

Need to check the value of “Migrate Volume “ defined in the  ISPF configuration table.

For this we execute the following commands:


TSO ISPVCALL to activate ISPF trace                       

TSO ISPVCALL to end ISPF trace  


And then Issue FIND MIGRAT in the trace output.

 If this one shows that the value is ARCHIV or ARCIV or other value that MIGRAT


You get the message: “Tape not supported".


You need to change this value to MIGRAT.

Once this one has been changed to MIGRAT, the files archived on MIGRAT volume will be restored correctly by DMSAR