"No Packages are available for deployment on the DSM Manager" - (DPG229378)

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The following error occurs while trying to deploy the Agents or the Scalability Server using the Infrastructure Deployment Wizard:

Figure 1



Domain Manager
Check whether the Agent packages exist in the "%ProgramFiles%\CA\DSM\Packages\Public\CAUnicenterDSM" folder on the Domain Manager.

If they do not exist re-register the packages using the command:

R11.x - dmscript.exe dsmPush.dms copy -all
R12.x - dmscript.exe dsmPush.dms copy

*Note: The dsmPush.dms file is available on the root of the ITCM DVD.

For more options run: dmscript.exe dsmPush.dms -check

Scalability Server
Check whether the Agent packages exist in the "%ProgramFiles%\CA\DSM\DMPrimer\CAUnicenterDSM" folder on the Scalability Server.

If they do not exist, it means that the Agent plugins have not been staged on the Scalability Server.

Use the Infrastructure Deployment Wizard to stage the Agent plugins. Use the option - 'Stage Software at Scalability Server' option in the 'Job Type' screen and choose the desired plugins to be staged.


  1. Open the DSM Explorer.

  2. At the top of the Tree View on the left side of the console right-click the 'DSM Explorer' object and select 'Browse Domain'.

  3. Enter the fully qualified name or IP Address of the Domain Manager.

  4. Click 'OK'.

  5. A new DSM Explorer Window will be spawned.

  6. Close the original DSM Explorer.

  7. Try deploying an Agent to a test machine.

  8. If the deployment is successful, browse to the Domain Manager listing under the 'DSM Explorer' object (as in #2).

  9. Right click on the domain manager and select 'Set as Default Domain'.

  10. Close and reopen the DSM Explorer to complete the process.