No NFA data in CA Performance Center for an Interface

Document ID : KB000095118
Last Modified Date : 10/05/2018
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One out of many interface elements synchronized from NFA to CAPC via the integration does not show any data.

For this one interface all CAPC reports return "No Data Available".

If this interface is included in a report run directly in the NFA UI flow data is present.
CA Performance Management release r3.5

NFA release r9.3.6
NFA does not just send FlowEnabled interfaces to CAPC for synchronization. NFA also creates a new router per interface if the IP changes on the device. We can have the same router twice in CAPC under different IPs, but if there is a DA or Spectrum Data Source present as well, that also have knowledge of both the old and new IPs, CAPC will consolidate the 2 NFA devices together.

That causes the interfaces to be consolidated because they happen to be the same ifIndex. Only one of the two interface elements is seen in the CAPC UI. We have no control over which one the code seeks for the data requested in a report in the UI. It can only report on one of them, which one is chosen is random. More often the last one in wins. So sometimes you may see the FlowEnabled interface and some times the non-FlowEnabled. When this is reported it's rare to catch the FlowEnabled one making it appear as if no data is returned and CAPC shows No Data Available in reports, which is incorrect.
There are two ways to resolve this problem.
  1. Determine which of the two interface elements in NFA are old and no longer needed. Delete the old element. After a synchronization cycle with CA Performance Center post element deletion the problem should be resolved.
  2. Use the interface merge ability in NFA. It is used to merge old interfaces into new ones post IP changes to help maintain continuous data. It is documented in the NFA documentation here:
Additional Information:
At this time this behavior between the NFA and CA Performance Management integration is functioning as designed.

There is a feature being examined for possible inclusion in a future release. For more information on F68264 please contact your account management team.

The primary trigger for this issue is IP address changes for NFA managed devices. One way to better manage this is detailed in the following Knowledge Base article from the NFA support team: