No ASM-VMO performance data for Virtual Center Servers are collected into the HPA Performance Cube by the ASM-VMO Sponsor.

Document ID : KB000023763
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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No ASM-VMO performance data from Virtual Center Server are collected by the ASM-VMO Sponsor into the Performance Cube. Within the caslvmvcps.hpa.log the following message can be found shortly after starting:

0000000575 2009-15-01 16:58:09 [I,1] -{7240}- CA Windows Virtual Center Performance sponsor terminated.

The cube does not contain any data regarding the Virtual machines.


Verify if the right resources are being collected, check your profile definition, and the hpaagent.cfg file on the vCenter server. When using the ASM vCenter agent you must collect the resources named like VMWare VC VM *.

For the ASM ESX agent make sure resources are being collected named like VMWare VM *.

The message in the caslvmvcps.hpa.log does not indicate a problem. Instead, it says the sponsor has started and stopped without collecting any data.