NJE jobclass validation is getting message ACF01004 for a logonid that is the node name of the submitting system. Why do I need a logonid for the submitting node?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When I submit a batch job through NJE to another node,  I am getting a message

where XXXXXXXX is the node name of the submitting system.

Why does this logonid need to exist?


ACF2 receiving node has a resource rule for FACILITY resources JES.JOBCLASS.SUBMITTER and JES.JOBCLASS.OWNER

The existence of the FACILITY rules causes a validation for CLASS=JESJOBS resources.
One for the OWNER of the job and one for the SUBMITTER of the job.


The JESJOBS resource that will be validated is


For the owner validation of this resource, the logonid that the job will run under will be used.

For the submitter validation of the resource, a logonid for the submitter must be available
in the ACF2 database.  If there is no logonid for the submitter on this node, ACF2 will
use the nodename of the sending node as the submitter.
If this logonid does not exist the job will not be allowed to run and message ACF01004
will be issued.

The resolution is to create a logonid for either the submitter or the NODE name,
or to not cause validation of the submitter (by removing the FACILITY rule JES.JOBCLASS.SUBMITTER)