Nimsoft User Types

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What types of users exist in UIM?


  1. Nimbus users: Who can login to Infrastructure Manager and Admin Console. Their credentials are stored in $NIMROOT\hub\security.cfg
  2. Account Contacts: Can log into UMP but are unable?to login to Nimsoft infrastructure manager or Admin Console. Their credentials are stored in Nimsoft SLM database in CM_Contact and CM_Account.
  3. Liferay users: These users are created automatically for both Nimbus users and Account Contact users. 

Nimbus Users:

Infrastructure Manager (IM) and Admin Console have users - known as Nimbus users.?
These are administrator accounts within IM and their account details are stored in security.cfg in C:\Program Files (x86)\Nimsoft\hub on the primary hub. When you create an administrator you will give it an ACL type; the default user (administrator) is a Super User.?

Nimbus users are UMP users automatically. The first time a user logs into UMP the UMP service will query two things - A Liferay database to see if the user is a liferay user and a few tables in the NimsoftSLM database.?

If it does not find any entries in Liferay or Nimsoft it will ask the Primary Hub to authenticate the user based on the hubs security.cfg and if authentication is successful will add the user to the NimSoftSLM and create a liferay user automatically.?

Accounts and Account Contacts:

These are necessary if we have a multi-client/multi-tenancy environment where people need to look at reports but you do not want them to see other unrelated hubs and robots.?

Accounts and Account Contacts allow you to log into UMP but not IM. IM users are able to view every hub and robot in the network no matter what ACL is applied to their users.

UMP can hide hubs and robots based on an Accounts "origin". This is the fundamental difference. The origin is the accounts main hub, it only sees hubs and robots within its origin. From there you can set up Account Contacts - which are basically UMP users via the Account Admin portlet.

You can apply an ACL to allow them to lock certain parts of UMP, creating new contacts, fine grain access to running or creating certain reports, etc.?
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