Nimsoft Robots - common questions

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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What is the size of the robot once installed? How much disk space does the Robot require?
The robot requires less than 200 MB of free space for installation and storage.
How much CPU and RAM does the robot use?
A typical robot uses the following system resources:
CPU: negligible, e.g., less than 1%
Memory: ~1.5MB
For a robot the minimum requirements we list besides those in the Platform Support Matrix are:
Processor: 2-3 GHz minimum
RAM: 2 GB RAM minimum
Disk: Minimum 5 MB free disk space

Platform: Please refer to the Platform Support Matrix located in the Download section of

How much network bandwidth is consumed by Nimsoft traffic from Robots?
The answer to this questions depends on too many factors to make a broad statement. It depends on how many QoS messages and alarms Nimsoft is generating/processing/sending over the network and other factors. Please refer to the attached bandwidth sizing calculator for help in sizing. Note that a typical single QoS/alarm message is approximately 400 bytes.
Where can I find important technical information for Nimsoft Monitor?
For all technical information you can access the installation guide and Release Notes as well as the documentation. See docs at:
Nimsoft Help Documentation
For important technical information please see the Downloads section of the Nimsoft Support site at:
See Platform Support Compatibility Matrix for more information.
Also when needed you can review the probe support matrix for the robot (controller) or any other probes: