nhExportConfig does not export "Elements,Associations" sections when -sections "GroupLists,GrouplistContents" is specified

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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One example scenario:

nhExportConfig -dciOut
/tmp/nhExportConfig_with_Group.dci -sections

The command running with group-related options is not exporting all elements in the group. it is only exporting a few elements and with no way to know what elements it will exported.

nhExportConfig -dciOut
/tmp/nhExportConfig_without_Group.dci -sections

The command without group-related option is exporting all elements.

nhExportConfig command usage states: " By default, the exported Element DCI file always includes the Elements and Associations sections". However, when -sections "GroupLists,GroupListContents" is specified, the resulting DCI output contains only "Groups,GroupContents, GroupLists,GroupListContents" sections. "Elements" section is empty, and there is no "Associations" section.


There is a common misunderstanding of what "by default" means in the usage.

(nhExportConfig -h)

The default is to always include the Elements and Associations section.

If you provide the -sections parameter, then you are overriding the default. If you exclude the Elements and Associations sections from your list of arguments to the -sections parameter, then they will not necessarily beincluded.