NFA System Status shows errors even though the Watchdog Settings are correct

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Last Modified Date : 19/10/2018
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The Administration->System Status page shows errors for all services, like "Memory usage is unknown" and "The SNMP Service's current state is Stopped", even though the SNMP Community String used in the SNMP Service match up with the community string in the Admin->Watchdog Settings page.  
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WatchDogLog shows the error below:
Reporter Status - Validate error checking : System.Data.Odbc.OdbcException (0x80131937): ERROR [42000] [MySQL][ODBC 5.3(w) Driver][mysqld-5.7.22-enterprise-commercial-advanced]You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '9007873535156, ODBCConnectStatus = 'Successful', ODBCTables = 299, ODBCRepairs =' at line 1 at System.Data.Odbc.OdbcConnection.HandleError(OdbcHandle hrHandle, RetCode retcode) at System.Data.Odbc.OdbcCommand.ExecuteReaderObject(CommandBehavior behavior, String method, Boolean needReader, Object[] methodArguments, SQL_API odbcApiMethod) at System.Data.Odbc.OdbcCommand.ExecuteReaderObject(CommandBehavior behavior, String method, Boolean needReader) at System.Data.Odbc.OdbcCommand.ExecuteNonQuery()
Improper Regional Settings.
This will occur if you install on a server with improper regional settings. 

To resolve it follow the steps below:
Download the USsettings.exe tool and run it.
  • Enter the Windows regional settings menu through Control Panel on the server itself.
  • Modify this setting to "English (United States)".
  • Click OK.
  • Now, enter the Windows Registry, and highlight My Computer.
  • Go to Edit > Find, and search for the following registry keys and update them to the following values:

sLongDate = dddd, MMMM dd, yyyy

sShortDate = M/d/yyyy

sLanguage: ENU

Locale: 00000409

LocaleName: en-US

sCountry: United States

sDecimal: .


  • Use the F3 key to continue searching the registry for more instances of these keys.
  • Then search for the following
  • Keep doing so until it states it has finished searching the registry.
  • The regional settings change in the control panel doesn't always update every registry entry and that can still affect the database if all entries are not updated manually in the registry. This is a windows issue, so the full search through the registry is necessary.
  • After all changes are made, Restart the Server to apply the registry changes.
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