NFA standalone server has a constantly high CPU usage and gaps in historical data

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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NFA standalone server experiences a constantly high CPU usage for system upgraded to version 9.3.0.


Systems upgraded to 9.3.0


Device containing several engineid. NFA versions 9.3.0 and above have fixed this defect and will prevent it from happening however, if the culprit device has been added before the upgrade, this problem may manifest.


1. Issue the commands below from the Windows prompt of the NFA standalone server to confirm if the problem described in this documentation applies:

MySQL harvester

show full processlist;

If you see a long query, with more than 500,000 characters similar to the line below then take note of the number returned for the router column:

UPDATE routers set expectedsequence=CASE  WHEN (router=3232235530 and udpSrcPort=38808 and engineid=0) then 686159 WHEN (router=3232235530 and udpSrcPort=41316 and engineid=0) then 0 WHEN (router=3232235530 and udpSrcPort=25423 and engineid=0) then 688595 ...

In the output above, the router number is 3232235530, which translates to the IP address of You can make the conversion with the MySQL command below:

mysql> select inet_ntoa(3232235530);
| inet_ntoa(3232235530) |
|          |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

2. Remove the database entries of this device from the harvester database by typing the commands below from the Windows prompt, in sequence, to backup the database table and remove the device. In this example, the router number is the one we retrieved from the output in step 1: 3232235530, please replace this number for the one you find in your system:

mysqldump harvester routers > routers.sql

MySQL harvester

delete from routers where router=3232235530;


3. Check the CPU status and confirm if the problem is resolved.