NFA Pump Service is Running, but not Processing Files in a 3-Tier Install

Document ID : KB000045622
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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All services are running on all machines in a 3-Tier install of NFA. Files are not getting processed and removed from the Staging directory. The Pumplog*.log on the NFA Master Console shows the following error: 

FilePumpManager: Fetching of data files from Harvesters will resume when the number of RPR files in input/staging directories (#) falls below ReaperFileThreshold (#).

As well as:

RPRFileReplicator: The volume has reached 95% utilization. Suspending operations. 

The "NetQoSReporterAnalyzerPumpService" service is active, but attempts to stop this service may hang.



NFA Console machine in a 3-Tier environment. 


The “RPRFileReplicator: The volume has reached 95% utilization. Suspending operations.error indicates that the drive that the NFA Console is installed on does not have sufficient disk space. 


Make sure that the NFA Master Console drive has at least 5% free space. Make sure that this machine meets the disk space requirements as listed in the NFA install documentation.  

Additional Information:

According to the NFA 9.3.3 documentation, the NFA Master Console should be installed on a 200GB or larger drive: