NFA 9.3.8 Cumulative Patch 1

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Last Modified Date : 15/06/2018
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For NFA 9.3.8 we created a cumulative patch which will fix these following defects:

The user can't see the correct TOS values when changed the TOS mask in the Administration > Application settings page.

The Tos mask is applied on the TOS value received from the Netflow. So the user can see the correct TOS values.
(DE323061,00868730) KB000074299

The user sees "No CA Network Flow Analysis data available" message even though the data is available.

Updated the data type to match the TOS ranges.So the user will now be able to see the correct data.
(DE346371,00944722) KB000076810

The user sees wrong AS numbers for sFlows.

The AS number is read from the correct offset so that user can see the correct AS number data.
(DE354434,00994953) KB000092809

The user can't select the required snmp profile if the profile name contains special characters which causes the internal server error.

The profile name is encoded properly to avoid the internal server error.
(DE353326,00990352) KB000074295

When exporting the reports to PDF using SSL, user do not see charts in the PDF.

The user will now be able to see the charts in PDF using http over SSL.
(DE346944,00966758) KB000093194

Devices and interfaces are not synced to CAPC from NFA due to higher iftypes value.

Devices and interfaces now will be synced up fully between CAPC and NFA.

Logo not being displayed while printing the custom report.

Logo will now be displayed while printing custom report.
(DE350300,00976742) KB000073086

Last flow information doesn't gets updated for interfaces in NFA Console

Last flow information will now be updated for interfaces in NFA Console
(DE349190,00972196) KB000074974

NFA 9.3.8
Windows Server 2012
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.7, 6.8 or 7.3
  1. If you log onto your servers with Active Directory credentials and have all windows servers, you can use this script with will patch the NFA Console and each harvester:
    1. To use the script, download and extract all files to same folder.
    2. Run ApplyCumulativePatch.exe
    3. The Console will patch without issue, however if your harvester services cannot be controlled by the console, the harvesters will have to be patched manually with the windows version of the file. Follow the manual harvester patching instructions in the readme in the patch:
    4. Review the ApplyCumulativePatch.log to see if the harvesters were patched properly and there are no errors.
  2. If you want to patch the server manually, download and follow the readme files in zip.