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Last Modified Date : 16/01/2019
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We initially was having CA Release Automation (CARA)  version 5.5, with stand-alone Nexus repository. We upgraded our CARA 5.5 to 6.5 but not the Nexus repository.

We are currently planning to upgrade to CARA 6.6 from 6.5 and wanted to check if we need to upgrade the Nexus repository shipped with CARA firstly to 6.5 or we can directly upgrade to 6.6.
Our environment setup is as below
  1. Initial version of CA Release Automation (CARA) was 5.5 with standalone repository
  2. We upgraded the CARA to 6.5 (only Nolio Automation Center a.k.a NAC or Data Management Server a.k.a. DMS)
  3. We haven't upgraded our stand-alone Nexus repository when we did step 2
CARA: 5.5 -> (upgraded to ) 6.5
The Nexus repository version is often confused with CARA version i.e. we refer the version of Nexus as 5.5, or 6.5 etc. The Nexus repository version is different, it is just considered as with which version of CARA which repository versions are shipped.
  1. In case the nexus is installed stand-alone version you can navigate to http://<RESPOSITORY-SERVER>:<REPO-PORT>/nexus/#welcome and at the top-right corner you will be able to see the version.
  2. In case the nexus is installed along with NAC you can navigate to http://<NAC-SERVER>:<NAC-PORT>/nexus/#welcome and at the top-right corner you will be able to see the version.

Note: <NAC-SERVER>:<NAC-PORT> and <RESPOSITORY-SERVER>:<REPO-PORT> need to be replaced with respective IP/HOST-NAME and PORTS in the environment.

The version of the Nexus distributed with 6.5 or 6.6 is Sonatype Nexus™ 2.11.3-01.

So if you have the same version you don't need any upgrade. In case if the version of the nexus is less than above version for scenario 2 it should be automatically upgraded when NAC was upgraded. For scenario 1 you can run the repository installer and it will ask for fresh install/upgrade and follow the onscreen instruction.
Additional Information:
Installer of the repository can be obtained from> Download management.