Nexus 5548 chassis models discovered as GnSNMPDev in Spectrum OneClick in versions prior to Spectrum 9.2.3

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Support for Nexus 5548 chassis models in versions prior to Spectrum 9.2.3


As of Spectrum 9.2.3 there is Enhanced Out Of Box support for:

Nexus 5548 chassis models

System Object ID

Cisco NX-OS Version 6.1(1)

They will be discovered as Model Type CiscoNXOS

However, in versions earlier than 9.2.3 when modeling Nexus 5548 / chassis models they show be discovered as type GnSNMPDev as there was no Out Of Box support for these devices.

If you do not want to upgrade to 9.2.3 then you can use the self-certification process to add more functionality than will be available when just modeling as GnSNMPDev by doing the following:

  1. You will need to manually add certification for the Cisco Nexus 5548 with System Object ID

  2. First go to Tools / Utilities / Device Certification.

  3. Then you will need to search on the OID System Object ID

  4. Now select the device and select the edit option.

  5. Modify the Model Type Name to CiscoNXOS by selecting Browse and then choosing CiscoNXOS.

  6. Make sure the model class is Switch.

  7. Select OK and save the changes.

  8. Once you have done this you will then need to run the post-Installation script to automatically change the model type for all Cisco Nexus 5548 devices (System Object ID to the new model type.

  9. This process is documented in the Certification User Guide section:

Change the Model Type for a Single Device Type:

  • Verify that the SpectroSERVER is running.

  • Run the following command from the <$SPECROOT>/Install-Tools/PostInstall/ directory: -m

Note : On Windows, run all necessary scripts from a bash shell. They do not run as expected from a DOS command prompt.

  • Enter the host name or IP address of the VNM and press Enter.

  • Enter the SpectroSERVER landscape handle when prompted.

  • Enter the system Object ID for the model when prompted.

  • Enter the current model type of the model when prompted.

  • Enter the new model type when prompted.

The model type is changed.

The log file, NewMM_Log_<DATE>, is created in the <$SPECROOT>/Install-Tools/PostInstall/ directory.

Note: Verify that the model type converted successfully by checking the log file, NewMM_Log_<DATE>.