Newly Installed OEBS RA Agent starts then crashes

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Last Modified Date : 14/04/2018
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Newly Installed OEBS RA Agent starts then crashes
Detailed Description and Symptoms

1) Newly installed OEBS RA Agent starts then crashes.  

2) May produce a java dump?


Search the OEBS RA Agent log for the following error messages:

 U2013317 The RA Solution returned error code '9999'.
 U0003620 Routine 'UCEX_R' forces trace because of error.
 U0003450 The TRACE file was opened with the switches  '0000000000000001'.
 U0003449 Output to the TRACE file is finished.
 U2013310 Failed to load RA Agent.
 U0003620 Routine 'UCEX_R' forces trace because of error.


There are several areas to investigate to try to resolve this issue.  Here are two of the areas:

1) Try increasing the memory when starting the Agent. Example:
 C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\java Xmx1024 -jar ucxjcitx.jar

2) Make sure that the wrong java version is not being used (see documentation).

If these areas are not causing the issue, then this is likely a problem with the installation (i.e.: missed step in procedure).

Try deleting the OEBS objects from the TEMPLATE folder in Client 0000 and re-installing the Agent (i.e.: Loead the solution jar file to the database).

If you are still not able to successfully start the OEBS RA Agent, set a "RA=9 trace" in the "ini" file.  Once the trace is captured - forward the log file and trace files to technical support for further assistance.?