New version of CA Datacom RXXREAD (also called READRXX) sample source to read RXX (Recovery) files.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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CA Datacom support previously provided a sample program source called DBSXCPR3 on the Recommended Reading/Samples part of the product website. This document provides an updated version for new IBM Enterprise COBOL compiler versions, and with more selection options.

This program reads the CA Datacom Recovery File (RXX) and produces a report of the records on it. The report can be filtered by entering a UserID, Datacom Command, DBID or Table ID in the input.


Attached to this document is a Zip file containing updated source to provide more selection capabilities and to be compiled with the IBM COBOL Compilers at version 4 and 5. Further notes on selection criteria are in the program source and in the JCL.

Download the attached RXXREAD.ZIP file, and you will then find the following files:

DBBCRXX1.txt - Program source
DBBARXXU.txt - URT source
DBBJRXX1.txt - JCL source: (this has sample JCL source to assemble and bind the URT, and to compile, bind and execute the DBBCRXX1 COBOL program)
CPBEGIN.txt - Procedure division copy member - program start routine
CPEND.txt - Procedure division copy member - end of program routine
CPWRITE.txt - Common routine copy member to write report lines
CWCOMMON.txt - Working storage copy member- common work fields
CWRXXWK.txt - Working storage data elements copy member for reading the RXX

Note that compiler options are in the COBOL source, and special binder options and commands are in the JCL source.

Below are the various options for selecting RXX records; these instructions are also given in the source. There are 7 fields in the SYSIN, starting in Column 1 with the report type. The remaining fields are not column-specific, but they must be separated by one or more spaces. The fields and maximum lengths are:

  1. Report Type: Start in Column 1 and has these values:
    DET - all records detail (this is default- '*')
    SMU - Summary count of records by User ID
    SMC - Summary count of records by CA Datacom Command
    SMD - Summary count of records by DBID
    SMT - Summary count of records by DBID and Table  
  2. User-ID: Userid to select for filtering (maximum length 8, * = all user)
  3. Job name: Jobname to select for filtering (maximum length 8, * = all jobs)
  4. CCCCC: CA Datacom Command to select (maximum length 5, * = all commands)
  5. DBID: DBID to select (maximum length 5, * = all DBIDs)
  6. TBL: Table to select (maximum length 3, * = all tables)
  7. LIMIT: Max number of records selected (maximum length 5, 0 = all records)

Additional Information:

Please note that these are Sample members intended for customer modification and use to read and report on the RXX contents.

These CA Datacom Sample Programs are provided free of charge and without support. These Sample Programs are solely for use by an authorized licensee of the applicable CA Datacom product(s) ("Licensed Program(s)", to copy and modify such sample programs solely in conjunction with the internal implementation and use of the licensed program(s) license. These Sample Programs are provided "As Is" without warranty of any kind. To the full extent permitted under applicable law, CA Technologies disclaims all liability arising from or related to any use of these Sample Programs.

As always, please contact CA Technologies support for CA Datacom if you have further questions.



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