New UX Staffing - Lag when typing data in cells in PPM

Document ID : KB000117739
Last Modified Date : 14/03/2019
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In the Clarity PPM New User Experience (UX), when double clicking into another cell on the Staffing portlet, there is a lag when after typing a value.

Steps to Reproduce:

Prerequisite: Create a project and have multiple resources added to the project in PPM 

1. Log in to the New UX 
2. Click on the Staffing icon 
3. Switch to the 'Investments to Resources' portlet 
4. Expand a project 
5. Double click in a cell next to the resource and type a new number (Example: 6) 
6. Within a second or two, double click in the next cell and type in a new number (Example: 8) 
7. Within a second or two, double click in another cell (example 10) 

Expected Results: The updated values are reflected immediately (6.00 and 8.00 respectively) 

Actual Results: There is a lag for the changed values to be reflected of at least a couple of seconds. You can tell this as the 6 entered in the cell may take a few seconds or more to reflect as 6.00. And sometimes, the numbers entered will revert back to the old numbers entered versus taking the new values. 

Sometimes, it's also observed that the entire row for the team member then gets locked. 
This issue is caused by DE44896.
This issue is fixed in Clarity PPM 15.6.