CA PPM 15.1 New UI: Overall Status is incorrect in the New UI and shows as Needs Help (Yellow) when it should be At Risk (Red)

Document ID : KB000047541
Last Modified Date : 16/07/2018
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The calculated attribute, Overall Status, is shown incorrectly in the CA PPM New UX (User Experience) whenever it's value falls into the red bucket but is not equal to 100.  It always shows as yellow/Needs Help in the New UI, even though it shows correctly as red/At Risk in the classic UI.


1.  Go to Objects, Status Reports, click the Attributes tab, and open the "Overall Status" attribute.

2.  Under Display Mappings change the From and To values to the following in order to make this issue easier to see:

Green:  0    40
Yellow:  40    75
Red:  75    100

3.  Save your changes.

4.  Log into the New UI.

5.  Open any project.  Click on Status.

6.  Change any two of the statuses (Schedule, Scope, Cost/Effort) to At Risk (red) and change the third value to Needs Help (Yellow).

NOTE:  You may use any combination of values that will make the Overall Status number equal to something that will fall in the red bucket other than 100 (or all three attributes set to At Risk).

7.  Refresh your screen to update the Overall Status.

EXPECTED RESULTS: The Overall Status should show as At Risk (red) just like in the classic UI.

ACTUAL RESULTS: The Overall Status is showing as Needs Help (yellow).

This issue applies to the CA PPM 15.1 New User Experience

This is working as designed in CA PPM 15.1. Per the 15.1 documentation:

The following Studio functionality is not available in the New User Experience:

•Custom objects, sub objects, and attribute 
•Display mapping
•Visual icon indicators for required and read-only attributes
•Secure subpages and display conditions
•Object actions
•Any Studio view level settings such as Required, Enter Once, Hidden, and so forth.

This means that the new UI is not recognizing any customizations to the display mappings for the attribute.  The New UI uses the original default mappings even though they were changed in the Classic UI.



Upgrade to the latest version of CA PPM, as Display Mapping functionality is available as of CA PPM 15.2 and higher for Overall Status and other project status reporting attributes. See  CA PPM's 15.2 New User Experience: Compare with Classic CA PPM​ for more details. 

Workaround in CA PPM 15.1: Look at the correct status in the classic UI

This was originally opened as a potential bug:  CLRT-81356.  Developed determined this was not a bug because it is documented in the 15.1 docs for the new UI that Studio Display Mappings are not supported at this time.

Additional Information:
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