New Procedure to Upgrade to CA XCOM Data Transport for Windows 11.6 SP02

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Last Modified Date : 02/11/2018
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Please read the Enhancements for Service Pack for an overview of this upgrade.

XCOM r11.6 SP02 is cumulative with all fixes published for r11.6 SP01 at the time of its release. You can now perform an upgrade from 11.6 SP00 or SP01 which migrates all your your settings and files. It doesn’t require you to reboot the server after the install which was previously required.  

See Installation Prerequisites (and scroll down) to see supported Operating Systems

  • You can upgrade CA XCOM Data Transport for Windows 11.6 32-bit to CA XCOM Data Transport for Windows 11.6.01 32-bit, but you cannot upgrade from 11.6 32-bit to 11.6.01/11.6.02 64-bit.
  • Similarly, you can upgrade CA XCOM Data Transport for Windows 11.6 64-bit to CA XCOM Data Transport for Windows 11.6.01/11.6.02 64 bit, but you cannot upgrade from 11.6 64-bit to 11.6.01/11.6.02 32-bit.

IMPORTANT: (If you cannot upgrade (migrate), you will have to uninstall and do a new install, follow the steps below for Upgrade from Release 11.5 )


Here are the steps to download r11.6 SP02: 

  • Login to 
  • In the box that says Search by product name, Type XCOM
  • Click on CA XCOM Data Transport - Windows
  • Make sure Product Downloads is selected
  • In the box below FILTER SEARCH RESULTS type Windows
  • You will see two products: CA XCOM Data Transport for Windows Family Professional WINDOWS NT 11.6 SP02 and CA XCOM Data Transport for Windows Family Server WINDOWS NT 11.6 SP02
  • Choose the one that you need and click on the cloud icon at the far right to download it.

Go to our docops site for more in depth about the Upgrade from release 11.6

If you are currently using XCOM r11.5 or earlier or a 32 bit version of 11.6,  you can refer to this documentation Upgrade from Release 11.5 for details on how to upgrade to r11.6 SP02. 

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