New Incident Status Creation

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Last Modified Date : 19/02/2018
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Can I create new statuses for Incidents?


You can create as many statuses as you want.
However, we advise you to take some time to think about it.
The meaning of a status is defined by its behavior. This behavior is specified by some checkboxes in the detail page of the status.

Figure 1
  1. Start Service Desk Web Interface
  2. Select Administration/Service Desk
  3. Select Request/Incident/Problem/Status

    Fill in the details.

As you can see, a status can

  • Make the Incident active
  • Stop Service Type Events
  • Mark the Incident as resolved

There are several meaningful combinations of these settings:

Figure 2

If you now add a new status, than it is just another "duplicate" of or an "addition" to the existing ones.
Your new status will not have any new functionality.

But why do some statuses have the same settings?
The code of the status is used in the Activity Notification definitions, to send different notifications to the contacts.

So I can create a new status and send my own Activity Notification?
The Activity Notification that is triggered when the status is changed, is always "Update Status".
You cannot trigger your own Notification if the status is changed to your user-defined status.

What about a new Activity Association on the status field, that triggers a new Activity Notification?
In the new Activity Association you could define a new Notification, if the value of the status is changed.
However you cannot make any condition on the new value.

But I can see them in the Activity Notification list: Reopen, Resolved, Research, etc...
Yes, but these Activity Notifications are hardcoded in special cases of the "Update Status" activity.

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