New in Unicenter CA-Spool r11 - The AFP to PDF Transformer Option

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Computer Associates International, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of the new AFP to PDF Transformer Option. This option is an addition to the Unicenter CA-Spool family of AFP transformers, which already includes the AFP to PCL and AFP to PostScript Transformer Options. Each Transformer is available as a separately purchased option. This new option is available in a PTF, which, along with the updated AFP Transformer Guide, can be found on SupportConnect. See PDC QI71032 on SupportConnect for more information.

The AFP to PDF Transformer converts AFP datastream (AFPDS) files to Adobe defined PDF files. The AFPDS files supported are those intended to print on Common Control Unit (CCU) AFP printers such as an IBM 3900 and those printers emulating the 3900.

The CA-Spool AFP to PDF Transformer offers the following features and benefits:

  • Provides the ability to automatically convert AFP reports to PDF reports so they can be:

    • sent as email attachments directly to end users;
    • viewed by using the Unicenter CA-Spool Web Interface;
    • printed on PDF-capable printers;
    • or passed to Unicenter CA-View, Unicenter CA-Dispatch, or Unicenter CA-Bundl for archiving and viewing.

  • Provides automatic and unattended AFP datastream transformation using standard AFP resources.

  • Performs the datastream transformation on the platform where the AFP resources are already stored to avoid resource management on multiple platforms and servers.

  • Format text reports from any platform using AFP resources while they are translated into PDF.