New IDs trying to use FTP get logon error

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Last Modified Date : 04/05/2018
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We have a couple of new IDs we have set up which are trying to use FTP and fail. 

At a windows command prompt we see: 

U:\>ftp p01 
Connected to 
220-FTPSERVE IBM FTP CS V2R1 at, 10:26:28 on 2018-05-02. 
220 Connection will close if idle for more than 5 minutes. 
User ( tcmct2 
331 Send password please. 
530 PASS command failed 
Login failed. 
ftp> quit 
221 Quit command received. Goodbye. 

In the USS /var/syslog/info.log we see: 

D01 ftpd[67174654]: EZYFS50I ID=FTPSERVE CONN starts Client IPaddr= 
D01 ftps[67174654]: EZYFS57I ID=FTPSERVE ACCESS fails USERID= Reason=11 Text=The access to the user database by userid failed 
D01 ftps[67174654]: EZYFS52I ID=FTPSERVE CONN ends Input=0 bytes Output=0 bytes 

As far as I can tell, I have set the IDs up with the same OMVSGRP and OMVS segment values that work for other users. 

No violation appear in the Top secret Violation report 

Please help me to understand why these IDs cannot logon to FTP 
TSSUTIL reports violations on the z/OS side of things. 
TSSOERPT reports on the violations on the USS side of things. 

So if you dont see any violations on the zOS side with TSSUTIL side, run the TSSOERT to see if you are getting any violations on the USS side of things. 

TSSOERPT shows the following violation:

initUSP TCMCT2 * N/A N/A 8 8 
05/02/18 18.122 10.27.04 FTPSERVE SVT2 
Failed - Current group incompletely defined as OpenMVS group

User was missing a GID.
After adding a GID to the user, the problem was resolved.

TSS ADD(acid) GROUP(groupname)

You cant attach a GID directly to a user. You attach a GID to a GROUP acid, then attach that GROUP acid to a user.