net_traffic probe does not start

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The net_traffic probe does not start on Linux


Net_traffic.log loglevel 5 entries:

net_traffic: ****************[ Starting ]****************
net_traffic: * net_traffic 1.43
net_traffic: * Nimsoft
net_traffic: * Loglevel 5
net_traffic: * libpcap version 0.8
net_traffic: nimSessionServer - port = 0
net_traffic: sockCheckLocalPort: connect to port 48013 failed 111 (ok - its free)
net_traffic: sockCheckLocalPort - close 6
net_traffic: sockServer: next available port is 48013
net_traffic: sockServer:0x9c8e740:
net_traffic: port=48013 PID=18516
net_traffic: Getting network adapters...
net_traffic: Setting up device to use...

Controller.log loglevel 3 entries:

Controller: Probe 'net_traffic' started (pid=18464) (restart 6)
Controller: _ProcStart - arg[0] = nimbus(net_traffic)
Controller: _ProcStart - arg[1] = NULL
Controller: _ProcStart - Executing /opt/nimsoft/probes/network/net_traffic/net_traffic
Controller: RREQUEST: probe_checkin <-  h=116 d=31
Controller: SREPLY: status = 0(OK) ->
Controller: RREQUEST: _close <-  h=108 d=0
Controller: Process stopped (probe=net_traffic, pid=18464) SIG = 11




net_traffic install on a Linux




This error is sometimes seen in a scenario where installed linux pcap is not a proper version.


1. Deactivate and delete net_traffic probe.
2. Navigate to lib folder "/usr/lib".
3. Create a soft link for libpcap shared object using command "ln -s <*>"
4. Deploy the probe.