NetMaster region was cancelled by ACF2 with message ACF99910 ACF2, VIOLATION EXCESSION, CANCELLED

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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A number of ACF99913 messages appear in the NetMaster started task JESMSGLG sysout data set in this format:

ACF99913 ACF2 VIOLATION-08,06,nmstcid,,regionhlq.TEMP.Tnnnnnn.SYSIN,N/A


As the number of these violations accumulate, an ACF2 threshold is reached and the NetMaster region is cancelled by ACF2 as a result. Also seen in JESMSGLG: 




NetMaster R12.1, ACF2 security environment, PTFs RO83326 and RO83327 have been applied to the NetMaster region.



PTFs RO83326 and RO83327 changed the name format of temporary data sets allocated by the NetMaster region for various functions from a using a high level qualifier of SYSnnnnn.** to the following format:


The PTFs were created because the numeric portion of the old name format high level qualifier, SYSnnnnn, always changed making it impossible to lock down the NetMaster temporary data sets with external security.

The new name format allows a security profile to be created for regionhlq.TEMP.** for instance. However, if you already have a security profile set up for any portion of the new name format and NetMaster has not been granted permission to that profile, then the security violations and eventual cancellation of the NetMaster region can occur.



Grant the NetMaster started task access to regionhlq.TEMP.** where "regionhlq" is that seen in the ACF99913 messages:

ACF99913 ACF2 VIOLATION-08,06,nmstcid,,regionhlq.TEMP.Tnnnnnn.SYSIN,N/A