Need documentation clarification on RETIX MINIMAL=YES

Document ID : KB000072155
Last Modified Date : 06/03/2018
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Please clarify for me; below in the RETIX documentation “When to Use” you write:
“… Using MINIMAL= requires that the tables in the area all have their URI index set to loaded. The CXX REPORT must therefore not have an INDEX LOADED status of NO.”
Is it correct that we cannot use RETIX MINIMAL=YES when the INDEX LOADED status is NO?
CA Datacom
RETIX with MINIMAL=YES cannot execute after an index has been initialized, and to use MINIMAL=YES the area must be in URI format. Use MINIMAL=NO with the RETIX function if there is no URI index present.
The MINIMAL=YES option is designed to more quickly add an index for a new key that is defined to a loaded table with a loaded index and to more quickly delete index entries for a key definition that has been deleted.
So if your CXX report shows INDEX LOADED - No or when not URI then you cannot use the MINIMAL=YES option on the RETIX.