Navigation from second level SubObject returns to Master List

Document ID : KB000028874
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When clicking the 'Return' button on nested subobject list views, where the Master object is a Pop-Up, the navigation is skipping levels and closing the Master Object Instance record.

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Login to the application as an administrator user  

2. Create a user-defined, Master object

Administration, Studio: Objects, Click 'New' button

Object Name = 'My Master'

3. Configure the link on the Master Object List View to opened every instance in a pop-up window

Administration, Studio: Objects, Click 'My Master', Views

Click on the link for 'My Master' List View, [Fields]

Locate the 'Name' attribute to edit the properties

Check the 'Open as Pop-Up' checkbox for the link

Click 'Save and Return' button

4. Create a child or the first level SubObject of Master Object 

Administration, Studio: Objects, Click 'New' button

Object Name = 'My SubObject 1'

Be sure to specify this is a Subobject under 'My Master' Object

5. Create a grand-child or second level SubObject under the first SubObject 

Administration, Studio: Objects, Click 'New' button

Object Name = 'My SubObject 2'

Be sure to specify this is a Subobject under 'My SubObject 2' Object

7. Create instances for each object: 'My Master', 'My SubObject 1', 'My SubObject 2' 

8. After creating some instances, navigate to the 'My Master' Object List View  

9. Click the name for one 'My Master' instance link: a pop-up window is opened 

10. From the Master, Properties tab, click the 'My SubObject 1' link: a list of child or first level subobject instances appear

11. From the 'My SubObject 1' List View, click the name for one 'My SubObject 1' instance link

12. From the 'My SubObject 1' Properties tab, click the 'My SubObject 2' link: a list of grand-child or second level subobject instances appear

13. From the 'My SubObject 2' List View, click 'Return' button


Expected Result: The Pop-Up window should remain and navigation to return you from the second level instance to the first level subobject list instance view. It should go back one level.

Actual Result: The Pop-Up window is closed and navigation is returned to the Master object list view. It closes the specific instance for the Master Object, skipping levels of navigation.  



Our sustaining team reviewed CLRT-72092 and closed it as they are not planning to make any changes to this area of the product.

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