nas probe showing in red status and not starting.

Document ID : KB000045781
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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- Sometimes we can see our nas probe in a red status and not starting up.





- This can be seen regardless of the probe's version, the O.S. or the UIM's version.




- The reason for this behavior is the alarm_enrichment probe being deactivated.
- We can see from the controller.cfg the following:
   description = Nimsoft Alarm Server
   group = Infrastructure
   active = error
   type = daemon
   command = nas.exe
   config = nas.cfg
   logfile = nas.log
   workdir = probes/service/nas
   start_after = alarm_enrichment
   magic_key = s834lp4XnBzsX14UqVbXHZvaux83sD+t4UV8EomhJIZmNbbS3GK3GyXXleqdpGQl
- If we take a closer look at the "start_after" field, we can see the "alarm_enrichment" probe there.
- This means that, in order for the nas probe to start up, alarm_enrichment must be already running.



- alarm_enrichment probe must be up and running before we aim to start up the nas probe.


- If you are not going to use the alarm_enrichment probe, it is ok if you deactivate it. However, you need to do that once the nas probe is already running and, need to bear in mind that, if you deactivate the nas probe with the alarm_enrichment probe being also deactivated, next time you want to start up your nas probe, if you don't start your alarm_enrichment probe before, you will run into the same problem (nas in red status not able to start up).