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Last Modified Date : 22/10/2018
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We have nas replication and are seeing this error in the nas log:

nas: replExporter:   POST_QUEUE_COMM_ERROR

nas continues to run and there are no obvious symptoms of a problem relating to this error message.
Is this something to be concerned about?
The POST_QUEUE_COMM_ERROR can be seen in the nas.log when replication is in place from one nas to another (from source to remote nas), the data transfer can be bidirectional or unidirectional (depending on how Replication has been configured).
This kind of error gets logged in nas.log file when NAS on Server A transfers data to the other NAS running on Server B and is not able to send the complete chunk of data within a specified time (configurable in the nas Forwarding & Replication tab). This may happen because of a transient communication issue between the primary and secondary nas or due to too much load on the nas at a given time. 

nas will continue trying to send the data so repeated occurrences of the messages over a short period of time could be an indicator of a more permanent issue that needs reviewing.  

In that situation, check whether all the alarms are getting synced properly or not with the remote NAS.
Also verify that other operations on nas like AO profiles, scripts, test alarms are working properly or not. 

One further indicator of a genuine problem is if the nas queue replication alarm has triggered.  

Communication between the two nas servers should be checked.