n a CA View Report, can a User be Restricted to Seeing Only Certain JES Sysout?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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In a CA View report, can a user be restricted to seeing only certain JES Sysout?



If the Joblog, JCL listings, and JES message data sets are combined with a report, then security cannot be defined just to look at the Joblog, JCL listing, and JES message data sets. 

If the report is split into its own report, but has the same report name as the joblog, JCL listing, and JES message data set, it would not be possible to to define security rules to prohibit one, but not the other. 

If the joblog, JCL listing, and message data sets have a different report name than the actual report, then security can be defined based on the report name. 

In this particular case, the only thing that can possibly be done is to code a SARSTCUX user exit. 

The coding of a SARSTCUX user exit, upon its implementation, will only affect the new reports coming in and will have no effect on the reports that currently exist in the database.