MySQL Upgrade Failed as part of 9.3 API Gateway upgrade

Document ID : KB000099964
Last Modified Date : 04/06/2018
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The AWS Edge Gateway 9.3 Platform upgrade and 9.3 Gateway upgrades have been successfully installed on all of the cluster nodes,

However, the API Gateway processes are currently not starting because the MySQL database needs to be upgraded. This step is currently failing despite provide the correct credentials.

The error message is as follows : 
Enter Administrative Database Username [root]: xxxxx
Enter Administrative Password: 
Performing database upgrade: 

    Testing the upgrade on a test database ...
    Creating test database "ssg_testUpgrade" [without audits].
    database creation may take a few minutes due to the following reasons:

Access denied for user 'gateway'@'%' to database 'ssg_testUpgrade'

No changes have been made to the database... 

We were able to workout what is needed.

Essentially the mysql user 'gateway' needs the ability to create and work with the database ssg_testUpdate' as well as the existing 'ssg' database.

Fortunately the AWS admin user we had access to had the ability to update the permissions for 'gateway' user :

grant all privileges on `ssg_testUpgrade`.* to 'gateway'@'%'

Once we had done that the database upgrade went through smoothly.

(note backslashes on the `ssg_testUpgrade` were needed, and a wildcard `ssg%` would probably have worked as well)