My job just ended with x37 abend. I thought CA-ALLOCATE was supposed to prevent this?

Document ID : KB000028115
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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For L1 and L2 to determine what the problem is that resulted in the x37 abend, the job has to be rerun to get diagnostics. Please do the following:

Check that these Vkgparms specify these values:

 	PLSOPT98 (Y) - Diagnostic msgs issued only to JESYSMSG DD.
 PLSOPT99 (Y) - Extended additional diagnostics generated.

After making any changes in VKGPARMS, issue the console command:

 	F vam,PARMREF 

Next, prepare to run your job again...

  • Enter the console command: F vam,DIAGS=jobname to activate the diags.

    Notice that with the ptf RO53726 Pattern masking is supported in DIAGS= command.

  • Submit your job.

  • When the job ends/abends, then enter command: F vam,DIAGS=
    ..then hit enter. This turns off the diagnostic area.

Send in the complete job output to the issue that you opened.

Do not use the //VDSDIAGS DD DUMMY statement. This is no longer valid since it does not generate all the info needed by L2.