My 9.3.8 or 9.3.5 Console upgrade fails with Migrator failure message

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Last Modified Date : 12/09/2018
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When upgrading a NFA 9.3.3 or 9.3.6 Console to 9.3.8 or 9.3.5, there is a Migrator Failed message during the upgrade:

The \CA\NFA\Migrator\Migrator log will have a message like below:
2018/03/02 13:09:18 INFO Projector::play() - Frame #54: [SqlAction database=reporter port=3308 sql='ALTER table `groups_pushedmembers` ADD INDEX `parentIdName` (`ParentTypeName`, `ParentLocalID`)'] 
2018/03/02 13:09:18 FATAL TheSet::play() - Error playing back movie Movie playback failed. 
at Source) 
at Source) 
at Source) 
at Source) 
Caused by: SQL action failed 
at Source) 
... 4 more 
Caused by: com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.MySQLSyntaxErrorException: Duplicate key name 'parentIdName' 
This will occur if you had applied database indices for 9.3.6 to speed up CAPC/NFA sync.
1. Find the Console_movie.xml in the \CA\NFA\ directory and edit the file.
2. Change the <movie nextFrame="x"> value to 3 numbers up from the failure above. 
     In this example set it to as the failed frame was 54:
          <movie nextFrame="57">
3. Save the file.
4. Open a cmd prompt in the \CA\NFA\Migrator\ directory and run the runMigrator.vbs script.
5. Wait a few minutes and check the \CA\NFA\Migrator\Logs\ migrator.log file to see if it finished with "Exiting with code 0.
    If you see this, you have completed the migrator task and you should be able to start all CA and Netqos services.  If there is an error please open a support issue and upload the migrator.log file.