Enabling Multiple Simultaneous Workstation Users on a Shared Machine

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Last Modified Date : 16/05/2018
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When multiple users on a single, shared, machine attempt to run DevTest Workstation it fails to start or crashes. 
The machine may be shared via a remote desktop mechanism or be a server offering Virtual Desktop services 
DevTest Workstation communicated with ActiveMQ on a pre-determined port. This port defaults to 2008 and, unless changed, there will be a conflict with any already running Workstation instance. 
This applies to any version of DevTest that is installed on a system offering Workstation to more than one user simultaneously.
It is necessary to ensure that each user starts DevTest Workstation with a different port being used 

This may be achieved by:
  • Copying the Workstation.exe file (inside the bin directory) to a unique name - perhaps something like Workstation_<user_name>.exe.
  • Then, copy the Workstation.vmoptions file to Workstation_<user_name>.vmoptions. 
  • Now, inside the vmoptions file, put
    • -Dlisa.net.0.port=<your chosen port number>  on a line of its own

Now, starting Workstation_<user_name> will result in a Workstation instance with a unique ActiveMQ port, as specified in the vmoptions file

In this way it is possible to run multiple instances of Workstation.

NOTE: For Linux installations, use Workstation instead of Workstation.exe

Attention must still be paid, however, to other ports that may be used, for instance when staging a quick test or running the ITR. The allocation of ports will be a matter of local policy

Additional Information:
DevTest Default Ports https://docops.ca.com/devtest-solutions/10-3/en/administering/general-administration/default-port-numbers