Multi-volume data set allocation in MICF

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How do you define multi-volume data set allocation in MICF so that the desired dataset(s) span multiple volumes?


In the Data set allocation parameters panel in MICF you can define multi-volume allocation by removing the value in GENERIC UNIT and then specify the UNIT=x in the OTHER field.

The Data set allocation parameters can be accessed by MWF 2;0;6.

If a dataset(s) need to be defined as multi-volume and is used in a production reporting jobstream, select the jobstream from MWF 2;4;3  and then set the Override data set allocation parameters to Y

For example,

This allocation is for the SAS Work File and here we have specified UNIT=(SYSDA,5) in the OTHER field to span 5 volumes.   SYSDA was removed from the Generic Unit field.  

Temporary data set:  WORK     - SAS Work File                 

   DSN prefix            : MICSL1                            

   DSN suffix         ===> ___________________________________

   Space units        ===> CYL            (BLK, TRK, or CYL)  

   Primary quantity   ===> 50             (In above units)    

   Secondary quantity ===> 5              (In above units)    

   Directory blocks   ===> ___            (For partitioned dat

   Round block alloc. ===> NO             (YES/NO)            

   Block size         ===> 23040          (Maximum block size)

   Record length         : 512             Volume serial     

   Data set org.         : PS              Expiration date   

   Record format         : FS              Retention period  

   Generic unit       ===> ________       (Generic group name 

   Storage Class      ===> ________       (SMS Storage Class) 

   Data Class         ===> ________       (SMS Data Class)    

   Management Class   ===> ________       (SMS Management Clas

   Additional allocation parameters:                          

      DCB     ===> ___________________________________________

      Other   ===> UNIT=(SYSDA,5)                        

Additional Information:

Another option is to specify VOL=(,,,5) in the OTHER field while leaving the value present in Generic Unit field.