Multiple TASK Headers in IDM

Document ID : KB000021313
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Duplicate Tasks/Tabs in the Identity Manager User Console.

After creating custom Tasks and/or Tabs in the Identity Manager User Console, the custom Tasks/Tabs appears as duplicates(with both being fully functional).



  • Look under the 2nd instance of the Tabs/Categories and note the Tasks.

  • Now edit the tasks (each task) and set the Task Order to 0.

  • Next time you login the Tabs/Categories should only appear once.

Detailed Resolution Steps:

  1. Click on the Duplicate Tab.

  2. Note the Tasks that are listed under the Duplicate Tab.

  3. Modify each Task: Roles and Tasks>Admin Tasks>Modify Admin Task>Search for and select one of the tasks listed on the Duplicate Tab(s).

  4. On the Profile Tab of the Task set the 'Task Order' drop down menu to '0'.

    Note: Ensure the "Category order" is the same for all tasks"

  5. Submit the Task.

  6. Repeat steps 3/4/5 for each of the Tasks listed on the Duplicate Tab.

  7. After all the Tasks under the Duplicate Tab have been modified, log out of the IM User Console.

  8. Log in to the IM User Console and verify that the specific Duplicate Tab (whose Tasks were modified) is gone.

  9. If the Duplicate Tabs are still there after modifying ALL of the Tasks' 'Task Order' to '0', re-start the IM application server and log back into the IM User Console to check again.