Multiple secured subpages do not display when access is granted at OBS level. Only the first subpage displays

Document ID : KB000122957
Last Modified Date : 13/12/2018
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1. Go to Administration > Studio > Objects
2. Create an object (My Sub) which is subobject of the project object
3. Go to Views > General > Layout:Edit
4. Create 3 subpages: A, B and C
5. Create a section for each and place any of the available attributes on them
6. Make the 3 subpages secured
7. Create a project MyProject and associate it to any of the Organizational Breakdown Structures that is access right enabled: example: Organizational: /All Groups/Social Networking
8. Go to Administration > Organization and Access > Resources
9. Edit the profile of the CA PPM user
10. Under Resource's Access Rights tab > OBS Unit Access Rights > Add the following rights:
Project - Subpage a (ID: mysub.a) - View All - mysub
 Project - Subpage b (ID: mysub.b) - View All - mysub
 Project - Subpage c (ID: mysub.c) - View All - mysub
 Grant these rights at OBS level: Organizational:Social Networking
11. Log out and log in
12. Go to Project Management > Projects
13. Edit the MyProject project
14. Go to My Sub subobject list
15. Create an instance for the subobject
16. Click on the Properties tab

Expected Results: The 3 subpages to display
Actual Results: Only the 1st subpage displays

CA PPM 15.1, 15.2, 15.3, 15.4, 15.5
This is caused by DE40548
This defect is fixed within 15.6

Workaround for any lower release: Grant global rights for the subpages instead of granting them at OBS level.