Multiple Issues with the Web Services (RESTful) API

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The following issues involving the Web Services (REST) API were found in Spectrum 10.1.1:

Issue 1:   High CPU usage of the OneClick server

Issue 2:   When subscribing for alarms, then creating thousands of simultaneous alarm updates, the rest call does not return any values 

        for some time. 

Issue 3:   Oneclick hangs with "java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Compressed class space"

Issue 4:   Ping through the REST API call fails with the error "Internal Error: Must add unpack for type java.lang.Integer"

Any environment in which the Web Services API is used

Issue 1:   Java class-loader leak, due to a JAXB dependency

Issue 2:  

a.       Deadlock when the alarm subscription queue is full

b.       Missing attribute ID in updates for requested attributes.

c.       When subscriptions were sent for attributes specifying notify-of-changes=true, updates were sent for all attributes.

Issue 3:   Spectrum was not handling large amount of REST queries using filter criteria.

Issue 4:   The Integer class was not supported by model actions.


Issue 1:   The solution for this issue is new to 10.01.01.PTF_10.1.157a.

Issue 2:   10.01.01.PTF_10.1.154 and 10.01.01.PTF_10.1.131

Issue 3:   10.01.01.PTF_10.1.105

Issue 4:   10.01.01.D106


All of the above patches are included in one comprehensive OneClick patch - 10.01.01.PTF_10.1.157a.



Additional Information:

Please contact Spectrum support if you need 10.01.01.PTF_10.1.157a.